Tom W. Meiklejohn, III AIA Architect

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The existing old and outdated 1920’s entrance and ticket building was removed for this project. The new Twin Building design incorporates required Toilet Rooms, Concession Stand Areas and Ticket Booths with appropriate sized entrance to this historic high school athletic field.

Large roof overhangs occur on the field side to protect access to the Toilet Rooms, Concession Stands, School Store, and Officials Room. Two small Plazas occur near the Concession Area’s for fan’s to enjoy their snacks while still being able to see the activities on the field.

Exterior materials were chosen to match the old and new public high schools designed with a balance of natural stone work and metal fencing. The building and site access is also now fully ADA/HC accessible.

New Building for:

Fruth Field

Fond du Lac, WI





Fond du Lac School District


6,081 S.F.


Design through Construction Administration

General Contractor

Commonwealth Construction Company